Who Am I

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I am a being, I am the manifestation of  wonders of the mother nature, the same mother nature, that created the mountains, the seas , the forests, the lakes and the plants.

I am the representation of supreme power that created me. I and the supreme power are the same, we differ just by one degree (as I and the supreme being are cut out of the same cloth, the same authentic , powerful fabric that the supreme power is, I also am).

I am the manifestation of the Mother Nature. The same nature that is as calm as the deep lake and can get as rough as a tsunami churned out of the oceans and the seas.
I am the representation in my actualized form as a Husband, a Father, A Son, a Brother, A student, ,A best selling author, an IT Sr Executive, A movie actor, much more than what I can fathom in my current form , as I am still blossoming and finding the necessary material for my growth with the universal intelligence that I got at the time of my birth. All I need to do is naturally evolve and I can be what all I could be ,if I continue use my natural intelligence and the universe will support me to blossom. All I need to do is show up, like a plant/ a flower shows up and uses its natural intelligence to get all the ingredients for its growth from the soil and the mother nature, without an ion of doubt.

I am in the search of my best version of myself, I am on a constant discovery path of who I am and who I could be. As I am aware of all the wonders of the world exist in myself, I just have to acknowledge the same and lead my authentic life. But I constantly switch between what I am and what all I could be, this is the constant struggle within myself that I win , as I my heart is full of courage and fearlessness to reach my goals, and sometimes I give up as I go back to the mediocre mentality of , I am one in the millions.

In this constant swing of directions in my heart is where I try to find some inspiration from outside, this inspiration from outside is to gain new knowledge that actually reinforces who I am and bring me back home, to my authentic self, and basically bring myself in to resonance of my inner being which is all powerful and true creation of nature.

When ever I can acknowledge the powers of the spirit that creating and that ion of spirit that I am carrying within myself, that’s when I feel I am the object carrying the light/spirit, and constantly finding its purpose. And on occasions when I deviate, I become the body, as I feel all the bodily needs of a food, clothing, and the ego within me that needs to be constantly satisfied. The more I bring back myself to the authentic being created by nature, the more I resonate with the spirit that created me , as I am the same spirit that created me , the difference is only one degree. The more I am successful towards pulling myself closer to the purest, un adulterated, un biased, un baggaged form , that I was created and I strive to bring myself back to the same form, the more realized I become, the more actualized I become, the more purposeful , I become illuminated, as the light in me starts to shine brightly, not only illuminates me but also the people around me . Not only I enjoy this light brightly shining within myself but also enjoy the people relishing my brightness and enjoying the illumination emanating out of me.

I am the representation of all the godliness in the world represented in myself, if I can explore, dig deep in to the well of my heart, as all the miracles of the nature exist within myself, all the power manifests within myself, if I am able to acknowledge the process of unfoldment, then I would reach the fruition of the being and go closer to the purpose of my existence on surface of earth. I am the walking, breathing, inspiring example of what a natural being is.

I am constantly in search of the journey to myself, which I may call a destination, but all the times I am focused and authentic in my journey, I feel the destination, the more I have doubt, fear and deviations on my path, I feel the journey is arduous and hard. The more often I correct my deviations, self doubt and bring back my authenticity by practicing solitude, meditation and calming processes, I reassure myself of my journey, and hence my destination.

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