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Most of the Billionaires, Creators, entrepreneurs, have some things in common, they continue to stay relevant, lead an abundant life of creating new products, services, keep up their authenticity in this world of constant disruption …

My name is Vijay, I am a creative consultant, executive coach, author. I want to share some easy to follow, path-breaking strategies, create your own models of belief, bring out your unique gifts, your authenticity. An outcome of more than 10,000 hours of research spread over past 20 years, summarized in my book

This alone will set the tone for an EPIC 2018, drive your adventure called life, game on!!





“Vijay demonstrate the value of original thoughts and basic ideas and how few simple tweaks in life style can alter your quality of life and ability to leapfrog your happiness index. The dwell into several areas of positive psychology  but Vijay’s brilliance and clarity of thoughts make it a pleasant reading experience . A must … Continue reading “Johnson Plathottam Jose”

Johnson Plathottam Jose

“This book provides excellent tips on easy techniques to incorporate into your daily life to make it richer and more meaningful.  It’s a must read!”                                          Roger Nadeau Director, Business Operations @ Cisco.

Roger Nadeau

“It is truly an insightful, soul searching journey of a highly imaginative author who relates his own life experiences with the workings of the universe. It is a must read for any one who is searching for the meaning of life” Dr Mohanan Chenichery, Founder CSchool: School for Communication and Cultural Sensitivity

Dr Mohanan Chenichery

A single source of truth with diverse, multicultural tips to be  ‘Happy and contented’ successful individual.  Strongly recommended read…                                            Arun Joshi , Director Customer Strategy & Success @ Cisco  

Arun Joshi

A profoundly positive delineation of one’s own existence, Vijaya Bhaskar emphasizes the importance ”belief in the journey you are on.”  It is a brilliant story of an individual trapped in a conflict between the mundane and the spiritual.                                 Madhavi … Continue reading “Madhavi Adimulam”

Madhavi Adimulam