Excitement or Fear…

Excitement!!! Leverage excitement to conquer fear… Here is how you do it.

Excitement!!! Leverage excitement to conquer fear… Here is how you do it.


Let’s start talking about fears, all of us have some fears, and we tend to focus some of our valuable time and energies on the fears, especially the internal fears that we have.  It could be small or big, anywhere from missing an important meeting to not being able to satisfy the needs of our family or that that long due vacation you always wanted to go.  There is a hidden fear, will I be able to kind of self-doubt inside us.

90% of what we worry about never happens, but the habit of worry and fear continues to tangle us. And we typically reply some of the previous rare occasions where the fear came true, we rarely recollect and celebrate our victories but our mind keeps replaying the same fearful incidents even one or two over and over to grip us and make us stagnant and actionless

They say whatever we focus on grows… so the more we focus on the worry… it builds into a hidden fear and then we are in this continuous loops of repeating thoughts about the fear.


Sounds very trivial, that’s why don’t we just focus on somewhere else, let’s focus on solving the problem or trying to find options that can circumvent the problem that is staring at you.  The challenge is again the fear of the unknown, we want to think about known things and can’t focus on what is unknown to us.  I.e. the options or solution for the problem is initially unknown until we take that first giant leap towards focusing on the resolution, not the problem.

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I really liked Mel Robins take on fear, how that can be converted to the excitement.  As we generate the same chemicals in our body during both fear and excitement.   The only difference is how the brain processes fear vs excitement.  If you are excited your brain is saying “this is so cool”, if you are in the fear brain is saying “this is crazy, I can’t do this, let’s get out of here”.

Just that when we describe something as worry or fear our brain freaks out and process it separately, versus we label the same as excitement, the brain process it totally differently.

When you are an afraid body is freaking out, but when you are calm you chill out.  Mel suggests having an anchor thought so the mind changes from agitation out of fear to excitement.

Mel suggests a simple change in perspective and our internal dialogue, to label things as excitement versus fear.  Let’s say I am really excited about that review coming up with the executive management versus I am really worried about the review meeting.

I am really excited to get on to that ride versus I am really fear to get on to that ride.  So try this out and do share your experiences of excitement, not fear.