Express your confidence, your creativity in everyday things could be the type of pen you use to write, the notebook, the shirt or trousers you wear, your tea/coffee mug, handmade fabric or natural dyes…

Express your creativity and enjoy the confidence



Creativity can be expressed in many forms and ways.  But most of the people get confused and anxious when they think about being creative or how to express their creativity.

Think about the last time you created something, and not worrying about what people will think about it, or how they react, it can be an innovative presentation, could be a song or maybe you write or you can draw.  Recollect when was the last time you expressed your creativity in any form.


While creativity is considered paramount in the current day for entrepreneurs and for most of the corporate jobs, creativity is something that people fret about and hesitate to express it clearly


By the way, where does creativity live?… My wild guess… is it’s inside us,  just that some people express it more easily than the others?  And being creative does make you stand apart, as you do little things differently, in the current world these little different things do get noticed and people value them.  Creativity is also very useful in our daily lives on how you greet someone, how you express your love towards your family or how you reward someone close to you.


In her popular book, The Artists way shares a good number of easy to follow ways and means to bring out the creativity in you.  One of the best quotes from the book is “ Most of the time when we are blocked in an area of life because we feel safer that way. We may not be happy, but at least we know what we are .. unhappy. Much fear of our own creativity is the fear of the unknown”



As an avid reader of the articles in the Hindu newspaper, and I have a keen eye for anything creative, people doing something different off the beaten path, entrepreneurs, writers, artists etc.,  As I strongly believe the ingredients of creativity are the same, the form of expression is different.  I especially like the local, Indian, handmade or made with fabrics available locally.  The Hindu daily edition of the paper, they do come up with several articles on whats trending, the new fabrics, natural dyeing/ colors, especially if its Indian Crafted, or local.  I happen to glance an article in Hindu about some new entrepreneurs, who are taking the local brand to the world and creating some unique things with their custom-made design… one of it was The Bombay shirting company.  They do have stores in several cities in India,  Dubai, and Newyork.


This article just came at the right time for me, as I was thinking of going for the July shopping marathons,  typically most of the big brands have these huge discounts in the month of July and all the malls are flocked with people, especially the garments and the shoe ones


I did the same for buying the dresses for my two little princesses Dhrithi and Teja but did not buy anything for myself, while my wife did enjoy her shopping some trendy footwear and dresses.  I was looking for something different, especially in shirts and going to a typical shop like Arrow, Van Heusen, ColorPlus etc., I glanced a bit and can’t find anything interesting, it could be just me… while they do have some good stuff on discounts.


I did not want to buy a typical formal shirt or a typical casual, I was looking for a semi-casual… As the workplaces are getting more and more flexible and people are pushing the line of casuals to formal, especially the gen next that is in the workplace.  Also, the weekend dresses are getting a bit more designer and formal… as people want to flaunt their trendy shirts/ jackets or that funky shoes on the weekend (if not to work).


The confidence we feel when we flaunt a nice fit and the colors are just amazing. As Mel Robbins, who is famous for her #5secondrule suggested in one of her talks, the true meaning of confidence is making a decision to do something and attempting it, that’s it.  Not the outcome of that attempt, but just pulling the courage and attempting it is what confidence is… I really liked how she described it in her talk and she said to make a note of the actual meaning of confidence.


I am personally transitioning from wearing mostly plain and formal colors to work to a bit more open of wearing checks or darker colors, and even jeans on few days to work.


I was looking for something different, did not knew exactly what it was, went into some denim stores like Levis, I already have several jeans and shirts, and looked upon in the stores, could not find anything really interesting…


And Finally I come across this article and it looked like its written for me.  On a Friday afternoon, I went along with my wife to The Bombay Shirting Company at Indiranagar .. Bangalore (The pic below).  From the outside itself, it looks like a very boutique place.  As you enter inside you see some shirts on hangers and also some shirts on hangers also some put on models near the main display area.

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-08 at 4.38.46 PM



Later I figured out these are for the look at feel for fabric and several types of customizations they had on a collar, sleeve, shoulder, buttons, elbow patch to give that trendy look etc.,  So that people can feel the fabric they are choosing and how each of the customizations would come out after stitching.


I was celebrating in my own mind, as it looked like a ton of options to customize a shirt.  As you go to any tailor shop, the focus is typically on measurements, type of fit, and very little conversation about anything else.


But here they ask a ton of things to choose from, like which type of collar you want, I wanted to flaunt a double collar, and I went for it, also I have been looking for a shirt a bit semi-casual with an elbow patch (attach the picture here) and tried that.



I really found mind childhood charm of visiting a tailor, doing all customizations possible, press buttons on some shirts, embroidery of some other shirts… etc., as I was feeling all the options possible on a shirt.


I choose an oxford twill, A plain green shift with sleeves collar and elbow patch in dark brown (as you see in the pic) and you also get to choose the buttons, the fit on the back of the shirt if you needed it to be slim fit etc.,


When I returned from that experience, I really had childhood memories of going to a tailor actually seeing the sewing machine, scissors and some clothes laid on a table, a tailor with a measuring tape around his shoulder… Wow… And all the customizations in the world were possible


Suddenly with more and more people shifting to the nicer fits of ready-made shirts, which are really easy to buy and convenient as you get it readily available no waiting… The trend of Tailor shops have reduced, you only find few tailoring shops rarely, and these two are in old areas, not in the newer suburbs of the cities.



Once I entered the store, there is a clear process of meeting up with the designer, who would help you in choosing the fabric and then start to design your own shirt, every element of it… Like I said, collar, cuffs, shoulder, type of fit, the color of buttons if you need press buttons, any different colored elbow patch and several other customizations



The last step is the actual measurement, you will be given the closest size ready-made shirt, that is already available, and then alterations are taken based on the base size.  The thing that stands out in their measurement process, is all the elements of practical usage of the shirt are taken into the consideration.


When they were taking my chest measurement, I usually prefer a slim fit, and the person taking measurement said, you will get a slim fit, but it also needs to be comfortable when you move the arms, the best measurement is when you fold your arms and your chest buttons are not coming off.


Another angle is, I was made to sit, to see if my pouch pops out a bit… so account for that, so it does not look odd and tight near the abdomen.  Enough gap is given in the measurement to accommodate that.


They take about a week or two to give you the trial shirt, and you can ask for any further alternations if needed, and once the size is nailed, you can keep changing the style based on your size that is already registered.


I went back after about 10 days to receive my shirt, and I was blown away with the precision, styling and the way my overall shirt came out.


Brilliant styling, measurements of the double collar, different colored cuffs and collar and amazing fit, slim fit but accommodates the free movement of arms and also takes care of a potential top of the punch when I sit… amazing.  I felt I am wearing a blazer, not a shirt.  Wow… amazing experience


Kudos to the whole model with The Bombay shirting company, and they keep it at the right pricing even though it is custom made, so makes it one of the options to consider, the reason I make this point is, some of the other customs made shirting options are much more expensive 1.5 to 2x expensive and not even close in terms of the outcome…


So I found my expression of creativity by finding a place that does the custom made shift for my size (I am a 39.5 size on my shirt, which is hard to find, so I either compromise with a 40 or 42).  And also allows me freedom with every element of my shirt, and when I flaunt it at work or other places, I do feel good that I got it down for me, as per my choice of design, color and fabric, wow … this is a great feeling.


Express your confidence, your creativity in everyday things could be the type of pen you use to write, the notebook, the shirt or trousers you wear, your tea/coffee mug, handmade fabric or natural dyes…


As you find a form for your expression and the confidence oozes from your every attempt to find an expression for your creativity, it will set up an engine of creativity and confidence as you try out more, on several other areas of your life.  As one small change can cause a ripple effect on several other areas of your life.


So share your unique ways of being creative.




Author: Veijay

Veijay is an IIT’an (IIT Madras), has two decades of experience of driving Change Management, Operational Excellence, Behavioral dynamics for global enterprises both at several MNC’s and Product Organizations

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