Where am I…

Preparing for my next performance… next stage show… next interaction, next communication with people around….

Where am I.. Which Platform am I performing today


Checks Shirt…. Levis snug fits jeans.




Preparing for my next performance… next stage show… next interaction, next communication with people around….


Does these preparations/style…how we look only have to be reserved for those unique… or big days… can we bring them to day to day interactions with family, work and other people around… what stops us.


We clearly know inside of our being on days that we are not at our best, let it be with how we feel, the dress we wear… ah… its another weekday dress to work… um… it’s another interaction with someone at home or work… can we transform these daily little things…  and how transforming these daily little things to performances. May transform not only our lives but the people around us.


What we achieve inwardly will change our outer reality .. Plutarch


That little two-minute casual chat with someone at work… can be much more than a simple chat about some process, but can we make it much more powerful… much more meaningful…


Lisa Nichols talks about SNAP (Super Networking at an Accelerated pace) as a very simple to use quick first 60-120 second interaction.  Basically talking about the outcomes you are trying to achieve not the process.  This will help in faster connection and more valuable contacts.


The next performance I talked about at the start of this article was my walk from the bike parking area to my workspace, as I walk along and see my own reflection on the glass panes of the building I pass by,   … I AM THINKING … IS THIS A DREAM…


ITS REALLY HOW I FEEL, I CAME TO A PLACE TO EXPRESS MYSELF… THIS IS HOW I USE TO FEEL IN COLLEGE AND AFTER YEARS… I FELT THAT IN IIT Madras when I did my masters degree there… now after 20 years… feeling the same at my current workplace… wow… this is an amazing feeling


Everything I wanted nice fit checks shirt … brick red background with black checks… blue jeans … rugged, black shoe… jacket… all in one… and to work… suddenly work becomes an exciting place to be…

When I reflected upon these feelings I had as I walked to my work area…

One of the reasons is, it all came together that day… other than my jeans … I rarely wear a checks shirt to work… owing to my own mind games of wearing formal wear… I crossed the bridge a bit that day… and then new black shoes on the jeans and the favorite shirt and an amazingly fitting jacket… usually never wear a jacket to work, other than the formal blazer or suit for some important stakeholder meetings.


Now, the point here is, I see quite a few folks with casuals and jeans at work almost on a daily basis, the work culture is pretty flexible… When I see these guys and gals flaunting bright colors… jeans, shifts … I felt, I never crossed the hump to do it myself.  When I used to see people wearing these, and I tell myself, I don’t want to flaunt… I don’t want to show off… but when I ultimately did one day… Aspida safety biking safety jacket, Italian black helmet and coincidentally crossed the mental hurdle to wear a checks shirt on my jeans… it all gelled together.  And I felt … I want to be that guy who looks stylish… I liked it, I enjoyed it, it felt like a liberating expression for myself.  And I was thinking, why did it take me too long to cross, and why was I telling myself all these days that I don’t want to be that guy flaunting.


These little things in day to day life, that we usually avoid change… that funky haircut, amazingly fitting jeans/shirt… those stylish shoes/jacket etc.,  why do we keep ourselves from the liberating experiences… and who are we trying to convince or what self-imposed image and culture are we trying to fit in.


If we start treating our day to day life, preparing to go to work, interactions with our stakeholders, conversations with the spouse, little play or storytelling with children, or presenting in a meeting as a platform to express ourselves… make it exciting for our self… not only for that client meeting or for that big day.. or event… whenever u feel good ..exude that confidence and it rubs on to other  areas of life and other people around you and they can feel it


Quick Summary:  What hurdles are you trying to cross with your styling, how you look or how you speak at a workplace, what critical interactions can you be very specific about business outcomes versus the process mumbo jumbo. How many more occasions you can treat as performances, not mere another occasion!!.




Author: Veijay

Veijay is an IIT’an (IIT Madras), has two decades of experience of driving Change Management, Operational Excellence, Behavioral dynamics for global enterprises both at several MNC’s and Product Organizations

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