Find out your passion

respect your work, balance your passion along with the work, and someday the passion may become your work


Kis a Suroor !!! Kaam ka, ya passion ka… Confused!! Translation.. what is your passion, is it work or finding your passion

Work can be part of life. Often we make it a ghost out of it and turn it around to make it the other way round. Life is part of work. It is completely a viewpoint you develop. We really don’t appreciate our privileged lives of having a roof over our head, food on time and nice clothes to wear (as compared to people who are still running around for the same…like a maid at home or a cab driver who have to work much harder to get the basic amenities of life).

And we keep saying I want to do this… do that… Work does not excite me, I want to work on my passion or I want to find my passion and make it my career and several other flavors of the same argument

Well, you can do this and that while working the current job. You can continue to nurture and protect your identity and live your own life (full of passion/Suroor) outside of work

And don’t forget, while you want to chase your passion, what you do (Job/profession) currently is feeding you, people dependent on you and by the way.. funding your passion, while you chase your passion, be respectful of what you do currently

They say god looks for happy souls around and gives them more of what makes them happy. So be a happy soul, be happy with your current work.

The picture above, Helmet Gloves and … Laptop and in the inset… the feeling of getting on to my new RE Bullet 500.

While the Laptop comes at the end (right end) of the picture, its actually the laptop that is funding my bike, helmet, and the gloves… And I am very clear about it.


Let’s not lose ourselves in the noise out there, yes we can be earning much more money than what we have now, nicer home, the vehicle to drive, better gadgets etc.,

Let’s not forget what we have by following what others, who may have much more.

Keep up your identity, there is only one you… in the Universe, and do believe that just one you can make a significant difference in the Universe…

Dalai Lama once said we underestimate the power of what an individual human being can add to the universe.

Now you can make work a part of your life or life a part of your work, whichever way that works for you, but never forget to respect your work, and balance your passion along with the work, and someday the passion may become your work.

Author: Veijay

Veijay is an IIT’an (IIT Madras), has two decades of experience of driving Change Management, Operational Excellence, Behavioral dynamics for global enterprises both at several MNC’s and Product Organizations

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