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March 16, 2018


I got the Clutch while my daughter zoomed…did you try…

by unlockinsatori


This experience came from a simple motorcycle ride with my two angels… Dhrithi and Teja… I just got a brand new motorcycle, yeah its the classic beauty, Royal Enfield Bullet 500 forest green, after a lot of arbitration on the make, model of the motorcycle and the color… etc., yes saving that discussion for another article.

As I took the motorcycle that late afternoon about 4 pm and reached home about 5 pm, and the kids were curiously waiting for checking out the new bike, I told them, I would get the Pooja done in the nearby temple and we will go for a ride, and I went to the temple around 7 pm and there was a crowd build up, as that day was Pournami (name of an auspicious day in native Indian language)… waited for the Satya Narayana swamy Katha (devotional story ritual performed on the pournami days in some cultures). I got my vehicle Pooja done.. it was almost 830 pm by the time I returned home.

The kids were more curious than earlier, so I told them I will give them a ride inside the apartment, we have a small 0.60 km track for a walk/run within the apartment… so I took the bike out of the basement with kids along with me… they enjoyed the ramp up as I zoomed the speed… we took one round… my little one asked for another one… I obliged…

After the 2nd round, I got a thought…

As my younger daughter was sitting on the front fuel tank (she was not comfortable seating on the pilon, sandwiched between me and my elder daughter…so I had to move her to the tank. I told her, I will give her one chance to rev up the bike, while I have the clutch… I asked her to show me how will she rev up… she showed a little twist of her wrist, … I said ok…thats good and don’t go over that little twist, now I will take my hands off the zoom and you do it…

Children are children…. Phew…..

The moment I let my palm away, she got her little palm in and gave the maximum zoom that she could do putting all her energy… the bullet went crazy… started flying in the air… but…. Remember I got the clutch… my senses worked and I held the clutch tight… so there was an engine noise… HM……… and yeah we managed to deal with it….  And I immediately took her palm away and got mine back in….

She started laughing and she was so excited, she told this to her mother, friends, and everyone at school…for next one week. But to be honest… I did feel the chills down my spine while hearing that heavy engine noise… as I myself was new to the bullet and getting used to it…its a 190kg beast.. with other add-ons like leg guard etc., we are talking about a kerb weight of 200kg.

But as I retired back that evening and wrote some notes in my journal, I felt an aha moment… which other areas are we allowing our children to play big…letting them put everything… have fun… unleash their adrenaline… unless they play sport … and express themselves…. Not sure if they get a chance these days… as everywhere else there is a someone to watch and control them… stopping them from playing big… can we let them be… yes do hold the clutch.. but let the zoom be the max for their energy

I got the clutch… you rev up… zoom… go full throttle… can we allow them to play the big game… yeah, continue to hold the clutch… but let them play the big game…let them play big in their lives… don’t impose too many limitations on them… for them, the world is a miraculous place… everything is possible…and the best ways of learning for them is thru discovery…playing it out.

Yeah… get the clutch…. It’s all right you got the clutch… yeah, the engine… will sound crazy when they rev up…

Can we give the children/spouse/parent whoever that is in our lives that we are trying to protect, to play their game… yes watch it, facilitate and protect only when needed, not all the time…no conditions… no old school… you cant do this now… you are too old. you are too small… let them zoom up… you control the clutch…

Let them rev up in their lives… at least in some areas… anyway most of the other areas we don’t allow them to, if its children we say…

As due to over reading and excessive parenting disorders… we read and find a lot about what to eat and what not to eat and push it on our children.. and at times as children, we never eat the things that we are pushing our children and as children, we munched and enjoyed all types of junk food and played like crazy every day… now we have study hour…. Several learning hours… to take the juice of the child who already travels a couple of hours back and forth from school.. so let them go in some occasions on some days… you got the Clutch… let them Zoom. Happy Parenting… and…. do remember… minimal parenting is the best parenting…

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    Mar 19 2018

    Vijay excellent feeling good expression


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