The Squeeze for Life…


Wow, those amazing Squeezes, sauces, ….. Which squeeze are you squeezing…

Let’s say Cat-A squeezes, We are talking about the squeeze of tomato ketchup, Mayonnaise, mustard, and several other squeezes from those plastic bottles, tin cans, and several other sauces… wonderfully kept in refrigerator….

Now compare these squeezes to the other squeezes… let’s say Cat B squeezes, the ones that you experience from running nose…. Clearing through, bowel movement…

Here is a typical conversation

Honorable well-rounded Patient at a Doctors clinic

Doc, I have had a cold for last several days… running nose, cold, cough, and headache etc., I can’t bear this, already tried several things… for last several days, it does not seem to work


Can you tell me when it started, do you have the temperature, let me see your throat etc.,

After consultation


There seem to be a viral going on, I am writing a prescription, let’s avoid things from the refrigerator, cold water, cold sauce/ketchup, cold milk or curd.  Try lukewarm water, have light, simple home cooked food, avoid eating outside, salt water gargles

Do you know that in some form or shape Cat-A squeezes are one of the key reasons for the CatB squeezes…,  don’t get me wrong.. please hold on and read the next few phrases

I am not against any specific food type, or any culture, or any specific likes or dislikes of any group… Let me Clarify that!

Most of the current day aliments are originating from the type of food we eat, and the type of food we eat not only at a restaurant, uptown café, from the shack that has the super spicy noodles/Gobi Manchurian. But also at home, as all these amazing squeezes, sauces are freely available and slowly taking over our kitchens and refrigerators at home. And since the only language that the tongue can understand is the language of taste, it only seeks more of what it likes, does not discriminate … give me more of that sauces.

In a country rich with traditions, herbs, and several spices locally grown, owing to our busy..ness.. we are buying the squeezes, totally agree… it is much easier… to buy (any .in/.com would deliver the next day)… no problems. That local spice or herb grown close to where you stay will also add that amazing aroma… just have to put a little bit of effort initially till it becomes natural.. and you start to enjoy the same. Rujuta Diwekar in her book on Indian super foods suggests simple foods that are accessible to us from the Kitchen can do miracles to our health. Since we don’t have the right understanding of what help they could do to our bodies… we sometimes stay away from these

Let me choose my favorites… Rice

Rice as suggested by celebrity dietician Rujuta Diwekar.

Rice promotes the growth of probiotic bacteria, eases bowel movement and rids you of bloating, prevents premature wrinkling, supports good hair growth, has inositol which helps fat-burning, reduces anti-anxiety and irritability. We only know rice for carbs, adding to our weight.. which clouds our decision in a way we avoid rice.

The next time you squeeze… do think of what other squeezes to anticipate from this squeeze… happy squeezing…

We trust the packs more than the raw food available to us very easily and closely, we would rather buy that packeted stuff that talks about high fibre or protein versus the easily available, raw.. local fibre or protein

Like the pack of corn flakes or the high protein quinoa imported from several thousands of miles away from where we stay. Instead of a healthier, cheaper, local alternatives seeds, millets (Barnyard millet, pearl millet, finger millet etc.) and other local fiber easily available in the form of Wheat, Jowar or Bajra.. and the local variant of chia seeds is sabza, which is used in the popular falooda/faluda… a favorite summer drink.

While you do your weekend groceries shopping, see if you can go away from that packed boxes to buying the raw goodness of Indian superfoods that are easily available, cheaper, and you are helping the farmer community by buying the produce from the nearby farms.

Author: Veijay

Veijay is an IIT’an (IIT Madras), has two decades of experience of driving Change Management, Operational Excellence, Behavioral dynamics for global enterprises both at several MNC’s and Product Organizations

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