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February 13, 2018

Thank you….

by unlockinsatori
Thank you for all the support and interest in reading the communications . Top leaders and billionaires like Tony Robbins and Steve Jobs suggested, the quality of questions you ask periodically may change the path of your life.  What questions are you asking yourself about your Career, Family Life, Relationships, Finances etc.,

03_Final Cover_5.5×8.5_Paperback
The more you get used to the current quality of life, unless you love it this way, the more and more it is going to be harder to create that next level /quality of life.   As any change gets harder and harder, the longer you are used to the current normal.
While you may not be able to change things for better over night, but just by reflecting upon and having these questions like what would it take me to get to that $1Million revenue this year, or what would take me to be the best version of a parent or spouse this year.  You are subconsciously triggering situations, people things that make these realities possible to intersect with your path of life.
my book UNLOCK the FUTURE POTENTIAL IN YOU is a #1 Best Seller and sold out (paper back), we are printing new copies with the Magic Amazon Golden seal with Best Seller logo , should be available in 3 days.  For now we do have kindle versions available
The special first day offer is now extended (on popular demand) till Tuesday 12th February.  This includes special price on the book (only during the launch) several videos worth 12,000/- around creative consulting and Life consciousness in all key areas of your life like Career, Food, Health and Fitness.  Soon to be launched on my website

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