Two Most powerful Things to make 2018 the best year ever


All our pursuits are leading to one single thing…. Yeah… Happiness, we do several things, make more money, buy objects, seek experiences, invest in relationships, we practice meditation and several other things to practice happiness

One of the best things to contribute to the world is, to be happy yourself. The happier you are and the more you start to love yourself, you become a kinder human being. When you reconnect with yourself, you are at peace with yourself, the people around you, situations, surroundings, anything and everything that life throws at you.

Marisa Peer, Best Selling author, motivational speaker and leading celebrity therapist, suggests the biggest disease affecting humanity is the thought process “I am not enough”. And a very simple cure of reiterating “I am enough” many times of the day, so you build confidence and self-belief and can teach your mind everything is available to you and reach beyond your limits, simply by auto-suggestion “I am enough”.

So a simple affirmation of I am enough could change your world, and your world is based on the models of reality that you created, and you can change those models of reality by practicing/ reconfiguring your thinking patterns and creating new concrete beliefs that work for you.

No one ever thought of sending people to Mars or retiring on Mars, Elon Musk is investing a fortune on SpaceX which is a mission to set up human life on Mars. While he could retire with all the fortune he already made, but he continues to push the reality beyond anyone would have ever thought by working on these earth-shattering programs like SpaceX

In Dec 2011 Naval Ravikant gave a talk to an audience of scientists, Pentagon officials, politicians, and CEO’s on the secret of life and how he figured it out, and has an amazing book putting this all together “Love Yourself like your life depends on it”

Let’s bring it all together, two simple easy to practice everyday things for 2018 to be an epic year for you.

1.     I am enough (self-affirmation, auto-suggestion, write it where you can see it often and repeat it yourself, bathroom mirror, wardrobe mirror… I know you are innovative you will figure it out.)

2.    Love yourself like your life depends on it

Singing off…Have a rocking 2018, and do share your views on how you are transforming your day to day life to make 2018 an Epic year for you.

Author: Veijay

Veijay is an IIT’an (IIT Madras), has two decades of experience of driving Change Management, Operational Excellence, Behavioral dynamics for global enterprises both at several MNC’s and Product Organizations

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