Business Class- Who doesn’t like it



Do you like business class, this is one of the common discussion points for people who frequently fly, how to upgrade to business class, the tips, tricks of getting there.

While this can be applied to other aspects of life, like a suite room or a resort versus a hotel room, a premium segment car versus a compact car, a premium jacket/suit versus a normal suit as your business attire.

Or the limited edition or premium smartphone or health band, the list goes on… and I see all of you nodding… sure.

All the above premium, business class segment that we like, we would appreciate the best of the best for us.

Now the question to ask is, do we offer the same, i.e business class/premium experience to the people we interact with, our family, friends, clients, stakeholders.

What stops us from offering best in class experience to everyone who interacts with us?

What if, if we can stop putting a pre-condition/criteria’s like being in the best environment, best mood, best date, time and place etc., to give a business class experience to the people we interact, and let business class experience unconditionally all the time. As we expect the same, don’t we?

Going back to the business class flight, resort, premium car, gadgets etc., they offer the same experience no matter who the client/stakeholder is, they don’t differentiate between the users, independent of the user they offer the heightened service once you pay for it

Now putting ourselves out there and offering business class experience unconditionally, no matter whom we interact with, is that possible? can we do that for at least one day? one week… and experience that.

This mindset puts us in a zone of superstars, celebrities, champions. As the Virat Kohli, Sindhu P. V, Vijender Singh, they don’t look at the ground, location, color of the carpet, weather, audience etc., they offer the best in class they have to offer no matter what.

We can put ourselves in the segment of these amazing champions by offering business class experience to everyone we interact with,

Oh, I now have offered business class experience to you unconditionally, are you ready to offer it to your circles, happy business class.

Author: Veijay

Veijay is an IIT’an (IIT Madras), has two decades of experience of driving Change Management, Operational Excellence, Behavioral dynamics for global enterprises both at several MNC’s and Product Organizations

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