Excitement or Fear…

Excitement!!! Leverage excitement to conquer fear… Here is how you do it.

Excitement!!! Leverage excitement to conquer fear… Here is how you do it.


Let’s start talking about fears, all of us have some fears, and we tend to focus some of our valuable time and energies on the fears, especially the internal fears that we have.  It could be small or big, anywhere from missing an important meeting to not being able to satisfy the needs of our family or that that long due vacation you always wanted to go.  There is a hidden fear, will I be able to kind of self-doubt inside us.

90% of what we worry about never happens, but the habit of worry and fear continues to tangle us. And we typically reply some of the previous rare occasions where the fear came true, we rarely recollect and celebrate our victories but our mind keeps replaying the same fearful incidents even one or two over and over to grip us and make us stagnant and actionless

They say whatever we focus on grows… so the more we focus on the worry… it builds into a hidden fear and then we are in this continuous loops of repeating thoughts about the fear.


Sounds very trivial, that’s why don’t we just focus on somewhere else, let’s focus on solving the problem or trying to find options that can circumvent the problem that is staring at you.  The challenge is again the fear of the unknown, we want to think about known things and can’t focus on what is unknown to us.  I.e. the options or solution for the problem is initially unknown until we take that first giant leap towards focusing on the resolution, not the problem.

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I really liked Mel Robins take on fear, how that can be converted to the excitement.  As we generate the same chemicals in our body during both fear and excitement.   The only difference is how the brain processes fear vs excitement.  If you are excited your brain is saying “this is so cool”, if you are in the fear brain is saying “this is crazy, I can’t do this, let’s get out of here”.

Just that when we describe something as worry or fear our brain freaks out and process it separately, versus we label the same as excitement, the brain process it totally differently.

When you are an afraid body is freaking out, but when you are calm you chill out.  Mel suggests having an anchor thought so the mind changes from agitation out of fear to excitement.

Mel suggests a simple change in perspective and our internal dialogue, to label things as excitement versus fear.  Let’s say I am really excited about that review coming up with the executive management versus I am really worried about the review meeting.

I am really excited to get on to that ride versus I am really fear to get on to that ride.  So try this out and do share your experiences of excitement, not fear.








Express your confidence, your creativity in everyday things could be the type of pen you use to write, the notebook, the shirt or trousers you wear, your tea/coffee mug, handmade fabric or natural dyes…

Express your creativity and enjoy the confidence



Creativity can be expressed in many forms and ways.  But most of the people get confused and anxious when they think about being creative or how to express their creativity.

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Where am I…

Preparing for my next performance… next stage show… next interaction, next communication with people around….

Where am I.. Which Platform am I performing today


Checks Shirt…. Levis snug fits jeans.




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Whats Your Sacred Strip

Let me share my story of relocating to Bangalore… in 2012. The choices I had were to live in a busy area close to work or look for a calmer residential area which is not too far but with a side effect of not well developed, access to groceries, other amenities were all not very close… but I liked a place (south Bangalore) as there are about 4 to 5 lakes around the area…you can see some coconut trees and silver oak trees from the balcony

the next neighborhood is a large villa community and there are hardly any vehicles passing by in front of the apartment road, as the area was still coming up, it felt more like a resort on the city outskirts… I liked the quietness and the greenery of the place around

I really liked the well-maintained amenities like the very clean half Olympic pool (swimming is one of my hobbies, so swimming pool makes a huge difference), nice gym.. and a walking track around the apartment broad enough that a car can go thru.

I took the plunge. I decided to live there, I had to make a call as my wife and kids were still in Pune and I came alone to join my new job in Bangalore. When my family joined, my wife was a little apprehensive as there was no nearby transport other than our car, or any nearby groceries shop etc.,

Once we started living there, I noticed the mornings of this place are full of energy with people walking, jogging and stretching on this walking track. It was more like a big park, where people came to express themselves…

How many occasions or opportunities in life do you express yourself freely… unfiltered. In all aspects of what you wear, how you look, how loud you speak… etc., as in the so-called era of the well-behaved and diplomatic world, we created around ourselves… we lack the opportunities to vent out… yeah, you noticed it right, the expressing yourself becomes a vent out… as that’s what happens when you are not expressing yourself often… it builds up and becomes a vent out expression or emotion

I really like the whole experience of jumping out of bed, set my hair with just fingers, wear something that is covering the body and get out for a walk, stretch, yoga etc., as the intention here is just to get yourself out there soonest possible time elapsed, as the more you allow your brain to think, there will be numerous things that come along the way like … I have to head out to work in an hour… don’t have time for the walk today… I can meditate here at home… do I need to step out?…. etc.. On this sacred strip, especially in the mornings, I can just go… don’t have to worry too much about how I look, what I wear etc.,

In fact, all the experimental dresses that I want to wear… this sacred strip is my testing ground. Like lately I got a pathani dress stitched. The cultural dress worn by Punjabi’s and this is also prevalent in Pakistan and Afghanistan ….. and the first time I wore it, is for an evening walk on this sacred strip. So this is my testing ground to see how people react to some of these dresses.

I started using this 0.6kms strip for a walk, and gradually and over a period of time, the walks became runs, squats, lunges etc.,

The best thing when I step out on this strip is, I never know what I get inspired with on this walk. Could be seeing the regular walkers, some of these folks really putting heavy effort to do their nth round of walk job, sweating, Hopping around, could be the regulars.. senior citizens on their walks or kids doing their rounds of skating, bicycling etc., or a bunch of old kids (read… senior citizens..) in animated conversations…

Some dogs,,, cats with their respective wards… walking across. Someone teaching bicycling or something else to their kids or friends playing…

A happy sight of a bunch Kids playing with their mom or dad …and while doing that, the parents gradually converting to kids in the process.

If I am clueless on what to do, or lost in something and want a let out, I just go down and take a walk around this 0.6 km strip. Just the shear stepping out and Hearing those birds, amazing beautiful sky of Bangalore. Coconut trees and several other trees the beautiful bougainvillea Blossoms along the compound walls of the apartment

I get inspired by the little things I watch along the way. I do I further it, what can I implement in my life, how do I make things easier for me

Sometimes I feel the monotony of life, repeating itself..same things

Seeing parents teaching the next generation about what is the right way to do, play… walk… and sometimes it’s interesting to see some young kids pushing themselves hard to learn something they like

I feel that 0.6km sacred strip becomes the heartbeat of the apartment…

It is live and energetic all thru the night and day…

I feel life is happening all around you, how much you want to participate in this life and how much you adapt to it, all by yourself, no permissions needed, or don’t have to wait for your turn, it’s happening now.

During festival evenings people take a walk along with family.

People run/jog/walk… any time of the day, morning or evening, it could be someone returned from a long journey and can’t sleep from a jetlag etc., or someone finding time for themselves after a hard day’s work.

When I get on to this strip, I don’t know what conversation I may run in to… about yoga, spirituality, traffic, vacations, can be anything. And these conversations may not be contextual to where your thoughts are, but they may be what is needed just to tickle a different part of your brain

Find your sacred strip, nearby your place of work or where you live, where you can watch life happening and get inspired. See what can motivate you and bring a different perspective on life, like my sacred strip always brings me different perspectives or a viewpoint which was in my blind spot as I took it for granted.

Not sure who will run into me to say hi… not sure I am going to enjoy a conversation with someone and make the best of my walk around the sacred strip

Key messages.. find a place of let goes, on a walk, a stroll, a person… a place… where you can open up and chat and don’t have to be conscious of what you were or how you look or what’s next on your schedule. The sooner you find it, the lesser opportunity of the expressions converting to venting out.

Happy finding…. your Sacred Strip. Share with me if you already got a sacred strip or once you find it




What is your Baseline ?

What is your baseline… I am sure you had many stories like this, which are either forgotten over the years or felt not relevant anymore.

We all think of freedom in a relative sense, do I have enough freedom at work, at home…with family, parents… obviously with the significant other, with children etc.  While we talk about freedom and space.. the way we approach a lot of things, it does not look like we are after a sense of freedom.  Let me elaborate.

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Are you playing big with the only thing you have….. your life…

Please read the below sentence and reflect upon what you read

Life is nowhere…

Can be read as…

Life is nowhere or

Life is now here…

But what did you read…reflects how you perceive life…

Life adds up from each of the current moments we live, the moments add up to minutes, hours, days… and that’s our entire life…

So life is not somewhere, it’s here and the now… the more you can be the best version of yourself in the now, the more it adds up to being a better version of you for the entire life.

You need to play big in every moment of your life  🙂

Do not be afraid to touch the divine in your own life

“You playing small does not serve the world”, Nelson Mandela inaugural speech. “Who are you not to be great?”

— Henriette Klauser in the book Write it down, Make it Happen

So play big with your life whenever you can… it’s only one life.. in some areas (in the current world of data analytics and anything a google away… something quickly become everything..) you need to think about pros and cons… if you feel its risk, is the risk worth it… things like career, relationships etc., take a lot of thinking and analysis. But some other areas of life, which are trivial, you don’t need to think too much and over analyze… so start by playing big in at least those areas … where you can afford to play big.

Typical things for me could be, when on travel if I get a very nice hotel/resort for about a 5000 per night versus a reasonable one for 3500 …. I use to overthink about saving that 1500 for 4 or 5 nights adds up to 7500… that’s a big number… but when you turn it around and think about the experiences you and your family going to have… in a better resort… that 1500 per day is not going to look big when compared to the experiences of having an amazing resort… also… the 7500 that you are going to save, is not going to make a significant difference in your quality of life

Normal bike …100,000 INR lakhs versus a reasonably good one, for me it was Royal Enfield Bullet, which cost about 200,000 INR…

Normal helmet 1000-2000 INR,… brilliant Italian … 8000 INR…

Normal bicycle … 10-15,000 INR versus schwin sports line 25,000 still relish it, I keep it safe, and love the looks of it standing in my room… every day just by looking at and touching its handle.. anyway I cant keep the bullet in my room, so happy with the Schwinn…

Sheaffer, it’s not a pen it’s a writing instrument… I could have as well gotten a normal fountain pen, I got sheaffer..as I love the brand and the logo of it, and yes I had to spend a little more, but I have this pen for about 5 years now… and I relish the same…

I am a watch guy, eyeing my lifetime aim of wearing a Rolex… that’s the next on my list…

These somewhat pricey objects like a Royal Enfield Bullet … a Rolex, a Sheaffer fountain pen .. give pleasure every time you use them, they look great and I feel rewarded, the ride on a Bullet feels really rewarding and joyful every time I take it for a spin, that’s the experience I want to have in my daily usage items where ever possible…

I would love a kingly mansion to live….. but happy with my 2000 SFT 3 bedroom apartment for now, as the environment inside, is what I want to make it like a personal sanctum… cant buy a kingly mansion but can arrange other things inside it, like my wooden carved study table.. a brilliant relaxing recliner, a floor lamp that I love… rosewood book racks…they don’t cost a fortune… But I do see most of the people think several times before spending on things that they are going to use daily and that would change their experience overall in that room or for their entire home… so play big where you can..

Play big at least in the thoughts you can have, as that does not cost too much… thoughts become things… so play big on what you think… and express it whenever you can.


Play big on what you aspire for. Play big on what you want to achieve in life, do tiny things every day towards that direction. I want to be an author, I did write articles, I published a book (“Unlock The Future Potential in You”.. an Amazon #1 Bestseller in the category)… long way to go to be a reputed best-selling author… but I continue to write… as quantity is the key initiatives, quantity gradually converts to quality… and finds avenues for better expression and visibility.

If I don’t even write, just thinking about writing quality content, then I can never even travel the path of being a reputed writer …

It’s like you have a new car… sure you want to take the car out, want to avoid scratches want to enjoy the ride… but if you wait for no traffic… you will never be able to take the car out, you have to pull it out and take a chance to even experience the ride….

So put yourself out there more often… you will learn a lot from these experiences versus thinking/planning etc.,




Push the boundary – expand your horizon

Lot of us fret being alone /travel alone just being with the self… as you tend to sink your head deep into our smartphone/tablet or a laptop to be able to be alone…. Learn to deal with it… as pushing the boundary of being in peace with the self.. alone … could push your boundaries on several other aspects of life…


All of us have our own self-drawn boundaries both physically and in the head…and there is the usual chatter in the mind… I have never done that, I can’t do this at this age… I am … years old, that’s unthinkable for me…

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I got the Clutch while my daughter zoomed…did you try…

Zoom UP……..


This experience came from a simple motorcycle ride with my two angels… Dhrithi and Teja… I just got a brand new motorcycle, yeah its the classic beauty, Royal Enfield Bullet 500 forest green, after a lot of arbitration on the make, model of the motorcycle and the color… etc., yes saving that discussion for another article.

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